Want to get married, lose weight

Obesity may decrease chances of marriage in young men

I just finished reading an interesting article about obesity. Researchers have found a correlation between marriage rate  in young men and obesity. Their results were that obese young-men had a more difficult time getting married than non-obese young men.

Their study indicated that men had a 50 percent less chance of being married by their 30s and 40s if they were obese. The study suggested that women may value appearance over intellectual performance or socio-economic situation.

I’m always skeptical about these types of studies, but it was still an interesting read. Regardless of the accuracy of the results, I think the story drives a strong point. Maintaining a healthy body weight provides many benefits, including help in social situations.

You can see the full article here:   Obese young men have less hope of marriage

Cyclic Dieting May Cause Gallstones

Cyclic dieting may caused gallstones

Diet cycling may be a risk factor for gallstones. Diet cycling is when people repeatedly gain and lose weight. It is one of the main problems with dieting, starting and stopping. This cyclic dieting, especially with losses and gains of more than 10 pounds, has shown to increase the risk for gallstone development.

Why gallstones develop more frequently in people who engage in cyclic dieting is still unclear. But, it is believed that the rise in cholesterol may be responsible. It is also believed that with each cycle the risk of gallstones increases.

This is just another reason why dieting doesn’t work. The best way to lose weight is with permanent life-style changes.

A study finds 1 in 5 obese among 4-year-olds

I just notcied an article on Yahoo News that was quite disturbing. A new study conducted by the National Center for Educational Statistics claims that 1 in 5 obese among 4-year-olds. The study also suggests that this percentage is higher for American Indians.

I guess it’s true, obesity is going to be the next great problem America has to face. The problem is we live in a world where everyone wants quick solutions and instant gratification. Also, peole have the strange idea that more is always better.

This article was a reminder of how important it is to live a healthy, well-balanced diet.