Don’t Skip Meals

Don't Skip MealsBetween a busy schedule and the desire to lose weight, it can be tempting to skip meals periodically, or even go on fasting binges. But skipping meals can be counterproductive to weight loss, and is certainly unhealthy.

Skipping meals leads to low blood sugar and energy levels, and may causes moodiness and irritability. While skipping meals may lead to a calorie deficit, prolonged lack of nutrition can actually cause your body to go into starvation mode. This slows your metabolism down. Then, when you do eat, the calories aren’t burned efficiently.


If you skip too many meals, your body may turn to your muscles as an energy source. This may result in some weight loss, but it’s not healthy weight loss.

Skipping meals can also encourage poor food decisions. If you wait until you’re incredibly hungry to eat, you might give in to the temptation to eat fast foods or unhealthy snacks. What’s more, the tendency to overeat after you skip a meal often offsets the calories you missed by skipping the meal.

Letting yourself get excessively hungry also influences your shopping habits. This can lead to a kitchen full of unhealthy food and make it difficult to make healthy food choices at home.

The best strategy for healthy weight loss is to plan your meals. Eat smaller, healthy meals throughout the day. Get plenty of lean protein, whole-grain carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

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More Sleep Gets More Fat Loss

Sleep Lose Fat

Sleep is a vital part of anyone’s life and work routine. But, what you may not realize is that sleep is also critical to the success of your health and weight loss.

Researchers at the University of Chicago found that getting a healthy amount of sleep leads to more fat loss over time.

The study shows that people who maintain a calorie deficit lose more body fat when they get just over seven hours of sleep each night.

People who eat the same low calorie diet, but sleep just more than five hours a night, lose about the same amount of weight. However, people getting less that five hours lose more muscle than fat.

This means that even if you’ve got a very good food and exercise regimen, you could be sabotaging your results by missing out on sleep.

Not only that, but lack of sleep results in low energy levels, which might cause you to perform less intense workouts, or skip workouts altogether. This can lead to even less weight loss.

So, as you’re making healthy life changes to lose weight and increase healthy, lean muscle, consider making positive changes that will improve your sleep schedule.

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Exercise Better With Free Weights

Exercise Free Weights

Getting the right amount of exercise is an important aspect of living a healthy, happy life. When it comes to exercise, it’s not all about quantity, though. The quality of your workouts are just as important as how often you do them.

Want to get the most from your time in the gym? Skip the machines, and pick up the free weights. Instead of sitting at the rowing machine, try some doing some upright rows with dumbbells. Use a curl bar in place of doing cable curls. Try some squats with dumbbells rather than using the leg press.

Free weight training can be more effective than running for burning belly fat. It also activates muscle groups that improve joint stability and stimulates muscles growth, so you can add muscle that will burn calories even when you’re not at the gym.

If you’ve made a habit of hitting the machines when you go to the gym, try replacing one or two of the exercises you do on a machine with a free weight exercise that targets the same muscle groups.

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Funny food choices from a health food friend

Kale DietLuke makes a pretty funny point about eating healthy in this short video.

There are so many ideas for eating healthy out there, but at the end of the day, it all really does come down to moderation and balance.

I’d like to make my own parody video one day talking about all the crazy dieting system. But for now, skip the fad.

It’s time for you to Stop Dieting and Live.


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