Author of Stop Dieting and LiveHi, my name is Ben Green and I am the head author and owner of StopDietingandLive.com. I am also the lead poster on our Weight Loss Review Blog.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science from Brigham Young Univeristy (BYU). I graduated cum laude from the university. It was easy to earn great grades because I am very passionate about what I studied, things like nutrition, weight control, and health.

I’ve studied sports nutrition, proper food supplementation, optimal food selection, human metabolism and almost every other topic related to food. A large part of my studies have been focused on weight loss.

I am now pursuing a doctoral degree in dental surgery, (DDS). Everything we eat involves the oral cavity, and so dentistry seemed to fit with my nutritional expertise. Lots of my dental education is heavily involved with weight loss and nutrition.

I’ve given presentations on health, as well as speaking at schools on nutrition and weight control. I have many published online articles on nutrition and weight loss. I’ve also spent years working in the food industry; doing everything from promoting food products to checking at a grocery store.

I started writing Stop Dieting and Live from frustration; I was fed up at seeing all the weight loss scams online.

There are so many diets that just don’t work in the long run. I grew tired of seeing my friends engage in start-and-stop dieting. My book slowly grew, and I worked harder as I realized what type of difference it could make in the world.

I’m married to a wonderful woman, whom I love dearly. We don’t have any children yet, but we do have an awesome, white dog named Milo. We adopted him from a local humane society.

Besides studying nutrition and weight loss, I enjoy hiking and the outdoors. I like photography and think my digital camera is the greatest.

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