AllDaySlim Diet Scam

There is a new internet diet craze, this one is called AllDaySlim.

Assam fruit found in AllDaySlim diet pills

After careful review of the diet product and research I will now present my results.

Website: Their website is professional looking, they have lots of pretty graphics, logos and colors. They have neat charts and lead one to believe they have a great deal of scientific information. They show lots of pictures of extremely skinny women.

Their testimonial videos are from active, health-conscious people; people that obviously understand exercise and weight loss.They use lots of strong, hype-filled wording on their site. Their sales writing is very well done and it is designed to influence you.

Product: Their product is a yellow pill. They claim their weight loss power from the Assam fruit. This fruit is also called Assam Gelugur or Garcinia cambogia. It is a fruit that grows naturally in south India. I posted a picture of the fruit with this article, in case you wanted to see it.

The fruit produces an extract called hydroxycitric acid (HCA).  This is the substance in question and the grounds by which the AllDaySlim can even justify selling a product.

A search through the scientific literature was conducted, looking for a correlation between hydroxycitric acid and weight loss.

A clinical study was found from the Obesity Research Center at St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. This study had 135 subjects and found, “Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo.” (


The department of foods and Nutrition at  Purdue University studied hydroxycitric acid and here are their results, “This study does not support a satiety effect of HCA.” (


A study by Department of Human Biology at Maastricht University found, “Two-week supplementation with HCA and HCA combined with MCT did not result in increased satiety, fat oxidation, 24 h EE or BW loss compared to PLA, in subjects losing BW.”  (


Another study from Center for Human Nutrition at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center found that, “These results do not support the hypothesis that (-)-HCA alters the short-term rate of fat oxidation in the fasting state during rest or moderate exercise, with doses likely to be achieved in humans while subjects maintain a typical Western diet (approx 30-35% total calories as fat).” (


There were other studies that found some minor benefit, but most of these were conducted in rats. The majority of evidence indicates that Assam Gelugur does not work, and therefore AllDaySlim will not work.


Price: $69.95 per month. Don’t be fooled by free trial gimmicks. The second you accept the trail offer you are signed up for monthly orders of $70.  This is a very high price for the  inconclusive evidence found in the scientific literature.  Also, with the small pill size it is unlikely that the dosage is even high enough to make a difference.  They don’t list an ingredients or dosage anywhere.

Take the $70 a month and get a membership to a gym or a personal trainer. There are much better ways to use that money and get into great shape.

To learn more about safe weight loss principles visit Stop Dieting and Live

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