Is Sensa a scam?

Have you heard about the new weight loss powder that is becoming a big hit on the internet? It’s a white powder that you can sprinkle in your food to support weight loss.  The claim is that the white powder will curb your desire to eat through sensory signals.

My first impression. Their website looks very professional, with lots of testimonials, a doctor advocate, and some celebrity endorsements. When I first looked at the product I was careful. It seemed too good to be true. I had to take a moment think clearly about this new product.

Here is what is suspicious:

1. Their billing system: They tell you it’s a free trial kit. You can’t find the real price anywhere. I had to give up my address and phone number just to get to the page where they have this message.

You have a full 30 days to try your Sensa 2-Month Starter Kit. If you enjoy Sensa, do nothing. You’ll be billed one low payment of $89.95 on 11/1/2009. That’s a 23% SAVINGS off the retail price.

Plus, you’ll enjoy free enrollment in our Sensa AutoShip Delivery Service. You will automatically receive a fresh supply every 2 months so you never run out of Tastants. Plus you will lock in the low price of only $89.95 every 60 days, billed to your credit card, plus free shipping and handling. You save 23% on every shipment! If for any reason during the 30-day trial period you are dissatisfied with your Sensa 2-Month Starter Kit, simply return the products. Cancel at any time with no obligation.

CA, UT & CO residents will be charged sales tax at time of purchase. Customer is responsible for return postage. Questions? Contact a Sensa Customer Care Representative toll-free at (866) 514-2554

Hmmm…  $89.95 for small powder packages. Plus they automatically sign you up to buy more every 60 days. And if you don’t like the stuff, you pay for the return. These are red flags.

2. Their Research:

(Updated – 6/14/2010) Sensa has finally posted links to their research. They call upon Dr. Hirsch’s study called “Weight Reduction Through Inhalation of Odorants.” His study found some correlation between odorants and weight loss.

His sujects had an inhaler to administer the smells. Unlike the small packs they sell,  his subjects often used the inhaler up to 288 times a day. Also, the study states that the smells only worked for people that had specific traits:

  1. a great sense of smell (identified the apple odorant in the Chicago Smell Test)
  2. only ate 2-4 times a day,
  3. felt bad about overeating but not about themselves

Also, there were other correlations with the weight loss like frame-size, spending time with others, and eating certain foods (chocolate, apples and mints).

At the end of the study the doctor states that their may be some benefit to smells if coupled with a nutrition and exercise program.

Considering the importance of weight loss, this was a very small study. The product has few tests, and no other scientists have attempted to repeat the study to make sure it works. There is money to be made and I am afraid a product is being marketed on hype rather than science.

Another strong argument against using Sensa is that the study was only conducted for 6 months. I would question if the human body would become sensitized to these smells. Before you spend money on this, try a nutrition and exercise program like the doctor suggests. I bet you will get similar results without the smells and high costs.

See the study here:

3. What others are saying: I went to to see what others were saying. People did not seem happy with their marketing practices. There were some complaints about not getting a refund. This is a bad sign.

(added 2/10/2010 – Look at the comments below, we’ve had a big response about Sensa and you can see some of it right here.)

4. What have experts said? (added 9/4/2010)

I found it very humorous that Sensa boasted that they were listed on webMD in their TV commercial. If someone actually did their homework and read the webMD article they would see that it was negative towards Sensa. I guess Sensa didn’t expect us to be smart enough to even evaluate their sources.

WebMD points out that the study was not conducted as a Clinical Trial which is the gold standard for studies. WebMD also points out that Sensa has never been validated, nor published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Their doctor, Pamela Peeke, MD said,

“[Sensa] is not a magic bullet. There is no magic sprinkle. This isn’t even a diet,” … “It oversimplifies the complex physiology and psychology associated with appetite.” She also points out that there is nothing unique about the list of ingredients in the tastants.

So will it really work? I doubt it. I imagine that in the beginning you might feel fuller and less hungry. But over time your body will just get used to the new smells and tastes. Honestly, this is not a good way to lose weight. Take the $89.95  (every 60 days) and buy a gym membership, Wii Fit, or more nutritious foods.

Is it long term? The main reason to avoid Sensa is because it is NOT a long term solution. You do not want to buy their product for the rest of your life to stay slim.

To learn more about safe weight loss principles visit Stop Dieting and Live


0 thoughts on “Is Sensa a scam?

  • Oh…I wish I read this before ordering! I only found this after the company ripped me off!!!!!!!!!!!! This article totally would have saved me the trouble. Heed what this author writes as it is gospel….the company doesn’t refund or anything…they charge and then your credit company doesn’t help either. Buyer BEWARE.

    • I am on the month 4 program. I did lose 5 pounds but I gain it all back. It doesn’t work. I used the shaker all the time. It is not strong enough to make you lose weight and stay off of it. The month four program shakers smell like a rotten dead animal or a smelly feet. You poor that on your food and offcourse the food smells so bad that you can’t eat it and get hungry few hours later. I am back to square one. Will trash the shaker and will go see a nutritionist. Enough of these snake oil stuff not approved by thE FDA

  • report your credit card missing, they will issue a new one with a new number. This will stop the unouthorized withdrawals , then go after them for a check refund. Do not give any account numbers.

  • Absolute dirty company here. I’ve been shopping online for many years and this one caught me by surprise. There is no free trial of any kind here. Sensa free trail a scam absolutely and completely.

    Not only is there no free trial you must pay to return it unused, unopened.

    In order try even a drop of this product you will pay at least 89.95, they know and they use the law to rip people off.

    String them up in town square!

  • samuelcornell says:

    For the price of Sensa you can sign up for a very nice local Gym, many with 24 hour access. I tried every diet, every fad, every gimmick and none of them provide lasting results. What you really need to do is try to eat less junk food, track your calories on a website such as LifeStrong via My Daily Plate, and really be conscious of what you eat. I also recommend getting a cycling peddle thing for your work, that way you can peddle while at your desk for a few hours a day while working on the computer. At home I recommend buying a treadmill, and turning the top into a desk and putting your laptop on it so you can surf the web or work while walking at a slow 2 or 3mph pace. You can even watch TV while walking at a steady slow pace. Those few things will literally melt the fat away and become a part of a lifestyle if you make them habit. I went from 335lbs to 235 lbs over the course of 2 years with these few changes.

  • Jesus christ, I found this literally RIGHT after I ordered it. However, I ended up clicking the ‘No I don’t want the full order’ or whatever it said, so it’s showing my total is 4.95 all together just for shipping. SO when I get this, should I just refuse shipment? Or do I need to take it to ups and pay to send it back right away? I don’t want to be stuck getting charged 90 bucks every 2 months for some stupid weight loss crap. Helppp. ;_;

  • Eh, apparently it’s supposed to do wonders, so I’m going to see how this thing works in 2 months. I’m sure if it works well, I won’t mind paying 90 dollars every 2 months for 6 or 8 months, if I can drop 60 pounds, it will feel worth it to me, to pay that much.

  • The advertisement for Sensa has been on a radio station here and I finally called. The company has your information when you that call. They confirmed my home address with my phone number, which was correct. Then they mentioned all you need to pay is $4.95 for shipping and handling and to provide a credit card number, which I did then came the whammy…..the company will send you in addition to the 30 “free” sample an additional 30 day supply will be shipped with your free sample and if you wish to keep the additional 30 product they will charge your credit card, which they now have that information, automatically every two months. If you are not happy with the product you can return the additional 30 day product by paying the postage to have the unused portion mailed back to the company. This is not a free offer in any way! I did say “no” to the rest of the phone call and I hope I will not have a credit card problem but will keep my eye on my statements. By the way the phone call is all computerized and you never speak to a human that should be another dead give away that you should just hang up. I wish I would have!

  • I knew if I Googled Sensa and the word Scam together a blizzard of bad business would come forth. Will not order this product. Sensa should refund money. Since they don’t, they’ve lost many many sales. Scammers will meet their maker!!! Karma will come a knockin!!

  • This information was very helpful and exactly what I was looking for. I am always suspicious of “free trials”. I figured that before they sent me my “free trial” they were going to ask me for a credit card. Thankfully, I did not fill out any of the info.
    It’s too bad that companies are so successful at scamming just enough people in order to make big bucks. It’s difficult to trust any products anymore.

  • Virgil Fales says:

    Total ripoff no idea I would be auto shipped musta had some fine print but call ur credit card co b4 they bill ya tell emits lost or u just want new card due 2 a scam . Sensa might be upset when they try chargin me hope so anyway GL Fales

  • I am just writing because I promised all the SENSA reps who refused to give me my $100 dollars back that I would. AVOID THIS WORTHLESS SCAM!!!

  • This company is a ripoff. I ordered the FREE sample in December. It arrived and I left on a cruise and forgot the stuff. Now three months later I suddenly get a phone call that I owe $89. I have received nothing in writing and I am told that my account is “in collection.” Is that supposed to scare me? Let’s go to court! The dirty bastards are making a fortune off OUR money and our goodwill. Let’s get the word out that this company is to be avoided at all costs!!!!

    • I would go with you! They just called me now asking for $89. I received the free trial and tried it for the first day and got bad stomachache and headache! It does not work and I didn’t see the terms so eventually I did not ship it back, now they want to transfer me to collections. This is such a nightmare for me right now. There is no way I pay for something I didn’t use and won’t use at all. Any advice?

  • Preston Lewis says:

    Sensa claims “peer review” but the Endocrine Society says the claim of peer review does not meet the standard required by scientists or educational institutions. In other words, the peer review claimed by sensa is pretty much fake.

  • Scam I Just think it’s messed up that they suck you in cause you feel helpless and have no Idea what else to do to lose weight. These people feed off of other humans insecurity about themselves, and they should be shut down. I don’t think I can handle being the way I am anymore, and I have tried everything. I can’t take the world the way it is anymore.

  • TOTAL SCAM!! I have been trying for over a month to get my money back-this is money I had no idea I was being charged, you understand.
    Can’t believe I fell hook, line & sinker for this one. I thought if I didn’t like it(AND I DID NOT, used it for ONE day!) I would only be out $5….so deviously clever!
    My credit card company is trying to help, but Sensa
    worded it and hid the subtext so well that most people(that would be me)miss it completely.
    I am thinking about contacting my D.A. and also taking out a full-page ad revealing all this crap. It would so be worth the cost, and hopefully help other avoid the same deep, well-hidden trap.

  • I was caught in a scam similar to this.. was for tooth whitener. My advise is if you ordered this watch your credit card statements! They will bill you even if you cancel…there is no real returning any product and they may sign you up to other fake companies! Call you card company and report as fraud. Changing your credit card number will not stop the charges because its a recurring charge and will transfer to the new number. One you alert the credit card company that is its fraud they will tell you its common and they deal with this company under many names. They can stop the charges and if you send then confirmation emails etc. and they may be able to refund the fake charges to you. I hope this saves someone the aggravation and stress it caused me. PLEASE DON’T ORDER THIS!!!!!!

  • Karen Vargas says:

    OMG!!!!! I saw the freaking AD and was mad hype and felt like God Answered my prayer….lol. but i had a feeling to google it, two words “Sensa- Scam”. And bang there you have it I am so happy I didn’t call these bastards. I hate companies like these that make millions off the desperation of others yet the good souls that bust there ass working mostly never get nowhere but just pay bills. Thanks guys…

  • I was getting ready to order this but once I read the fine print, did not enter my credit card info. I thought I would check it out first and immediately found this website. I will NOT be ordering Sensa thanks to this website!! Thank you!!

  • It’s a rip off! I made every attempt I could to return the product before the 30 day trial ran out. I left two messages, two emails, none were returned. By the 5th attempted contact (threatening), I received a return call only to be told I needed to open an account to return the product. WHAT, I don’t want the stuff????? Now I’m not sure if I should just toss the crap or attempt to return it (if I can ever find an address). Sensa is a scam!

  • Common Sense-a says:

    Sensa is a complete and total scam. All the claims on its website are fraudulent… from the claim that the trial is free, to the claim that you will be completely refunded if you’re not satisfied, to the claim that the stuff actually works, to the claim that it has been clinically proven. IT IS A COMPLETE FRAUD, RIP-OFF, SCAM, ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

    What’s amazing to me is that they are allowed to continue openly ripping people off and how many prominent companies are accomplice to this Sensa scam. NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the Washington Post all allow their logos to be used prominently on the Sensa scam site, giving the scam the appearance of legitimacy.

    I found the Sensa site by following a prominent Sensa ad on Yahoo. Yahoo profits from the Sensa scam by taking their advertising money, yet they must know by now that it is totally fraudulant and simply steals money from people.

    NBC is in on the scam. NBC’s shopping website,, has a an entire section devoted to promoting the Sensa scam and ripping off people’s money with this fraud.

    Minor celebrities like Dayna Devon and Patti Stanger are paid spokesmodels (spoke-scammers?) for the Sensa scam rip-off, giving it a further false air of legitimacy.

    One thing you can do is always mention these companies’ and celebrities names in forum posts and blog posts about the Sensa scam so that everyone is reminded that NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the Washington Post, Yahoo, Dayna Devon and Patti Stanger are accomplices to the Sensa scam rip-off.

    Only by constantly shining the light on the complicity of these companies and celebrities in this ripoff will they ever be forced to stop playing a part in the scam, or stop letting their name be used to con people out of their money by the Sensa scam.

    Sensa is organized crime, plain and simple. It’s a criminal organization allowed to lie, deceive, cheat and steal right out in the open.

    I’m astounded that we allow this kind of scam to continue. And not just to continue, but to be actively promoted by major media businesses like NBC and Yahoo.


  • thanks for saving me the headache of ordering this stuff. There is no weight loss plan but to exercise and eat right

  • So this person writes a review about a product they never even bothered to order and try, then some of you are jumping like rabbits about it. I had no problem ordering and lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks not changing my eating habits. Is it free, no and why should it be free? It’s a business. Most of you have purchased Alli too. I can’t believe what sheep most people are. Sit and be fat do nothing and actually pay attention to a “review” written by someone who didn’t bother to even try the product, and their “research” was to go to rip off report? That’s the value of this site and the authors opinions. Enjoy your insulin and heart disease, certainly don’t try anything new to help yourselves.

    • Zippity,

      First, my evaluation came straight from the studies done by Dr. Hirsch. Read his studies if you don’t agree.

      Second, going to ripoffreport is a valid option. Sensa is going to use testimonials. It only seems fair to hear both sides of the story. There have been lots of negative responses to Sensa all over the internet, just search it.

      Third, your message is aggressive and full of defensive statements. I strongly feel like it is coming from someone who has financial interests in Sensa, although you’ll never admit it. You call people sheep, and you use fear mongering, threatening with insulin and heart disease.

      If you’re sayings that trying a scam is better then trying nothing, you’re wrong! People should not waste money and motivation on something that doesn’t work. There are much better solutions out there. Think it out first, don’t fall into a new scam.

      • Well, the same company that manufactures Sensa also manufactures a product called Zipfizz, and this guy calls himself Zippity…. Coincidence…?

  • I looked up before I went to the site. Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone for taking the time to tell your stories. I have been taken, too by other scams. NEVER AGAIN. I will always check on line, FIRST. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN AND BLESSINGS ALL.

  • Some information that may be useful to you. I was scammed with the tooth whiteners. You were advised to try 2 whiteners, together. The first one I received I sent back immediately. I didn’t receive the second one, but was still charged for it as I hadn’t returned it within 14 days. How I was supposed to know that I had 14 days to return it I don’t know because I received nothing. Then charges started appearing on my credit card from both companies (eventually found it was the same company under many different names). The charges for both were over £80 a month each. Then other charges starting appearing from Cyprus and the USA for things that I knew nothing about i.e. gym memberships. It was dreadful. I was on the internet for days, ringing people, sending emails etc.
    Eventually I phoned my credit card company. They told me they were massive world wide scams, under many names and millions of people had been taken in by it.
    However, the good news. They told me to write to the two original tooth whitening product companies saying that I wished to cancel my orders. They then asked me to forward to them all the info I had when trying to contact the companies. After that, they said that their Fraud Dept would stop any charges being made on my credit card from the companies, and would re-imburse me all my money.
    They did this, and for a couple of months I was still being billed for stuff, with the credit card company re-imbursing me each time automatically. Eventually, the whole thing stopped. My credit card company told me that, after proof of my cancellation, it is THEIR responsibility to stop further money being charged to my card, and to pursue the company.
    Hope this helps some of you.

  • Thank you…I was just getting ready to order this stuff because the TV promo looked so sensible. I think I’ll just go back to weight watchers and be patient. I have injury to my L4/L5 without insurance so I cannot have the surgery/shots/PT to fix it. But, I’m not going to add further injury by purchasing something that has been so highly praised on NBC Yahoo, etc. Never give your credit card number over the phone…I was so suckered in by the ad though that I almost broke this golden rule! Thank you for posting this blog/website. I really appreciate it. I don’t have money to throw away.


  • try calling them to a rma or refund you stay on hold and then the system eventually disconnects you.
    and sending an emial to support no luck there either.
    this company really sucks

  • i knew the lady deanna on the ad that lost 30 lbs she said they paid her 50 dollars to do the ad she said she never took this mess before! plus never lost 30 lbs! SHE IS IN DRAMA ARTS IN COLLEGE! they just be lookin for people!

    plus i seen the asian man on tv for something else too!!!

  • Boy!! i’m glad i found out about this!! I thought it might work, even by ‘suggestion’. so i could eat on smaller plates, etc.

  • Everybody’s a con artist in this cut throat business world and preying on desperate people that are looking for a new weight loss method. Why are all these scams the same? Cant they come up with something a little more creastive to get your money? I went through the same thing with the “green tea extract”gauranteed to loose weight “free trial” offer and amazingly enough that $89.00 monthly charge seems to be a number that they all agree on to automatically bill you monthly for as long as they can get away with it before you file for fraud! And they keep changing the name of the companies so the charge isn’t even noticed! Probably the same guy owns all of these scams and is sitting on a tropical beach somewhere sipping on a margarita courtesy of all of us! Use common sense people-if this stuff really worked, all the other weight loss companies and gyms would go out of business and this guy would be so much richer than Bill Gates! I want to thank you all for your feedback from this scam and now I think I’ll go for a walk because sitting here writing this didn’t help me get any thinner but at least my wallet is still fat thanks to all of you!
    Please “twitter & facebook” this page to help others from getting scammed-now there’s something to raise a glass to!!

  • Thank you so much for the info. I heard it on the radio and wanted to look it up before i visited their site!! I did the “free trial” thing when Acai berry stuff first came out. HUGE scam and i was out 80 some bucks. Thanks again for all the comments, really saved me alot of hassle!!

  • Think about it people. If it REALLY did work, it would be breaking news on 20/20. You would NEVER have to diet again. jenny craig, weight watchers would go out of business the next day. It would be on the headlines in every paper. IT DOESN’T WORK!

    It is a marketing ploy. There is only 1 thing that works. PORTION CONTROL.

    SENSA is a SCAM. …………….sprinkle that

  • Thank you all for your comments!! I was in the process of entering my name and address into website (while watching ad on TV) and heard spokes person mention they did scientific research online before trying product, so I decided to do some research myself. I started to Google “Sensa” and the word “scam” came up with it, so I decided to research that. I found many sites besides this one that called it a scam! I have to say that I did read within the Sensa website, that if you did not return the product within 30 days they would auto-bill you the $90 every two months. I was going to try it anyway, because I was fooled like so many other by the TV ad. I’m so glad I decided to check it out before ordering. lilibut is correct about the credit card companies. Let you credit card company know about the problem and tell them you have canceled your auto-bill and do not want them to accept anymore billings. You must have an address to return the product to, so write a letter canceling your membership and send a copy to your credit card company. So glad I checked it out first!

  • Whew!… so glad I read all this before ordering. My gut feeling was telling me not to be duped, so like others here I googled Sensa first. Amazing that the word “scam” shows up for every link on the first page. My credit card thanks you too!

  • Thanks so much everyone, had my finger on the order button, then decided to check the net. So glad I did, sure saved me a lot of time and hassle. Hopefully more and more people will start checking these scams out and put them out of business by not ordering from them. Thanks again!

  • What I would suggest, if you want to try this is to get one of those prepaid gift card credit cards, you know like the ones that are sold in stores. you can load how much you want on them, once have been used, Throw it away. It is used just like a credit card, but if there is not any money on it, what can they draft? I’m sorry people have had such a hard time with this product. We need to take over these companies, and squeeze every cent out of them that they have taken from us!

  • Just a reminder: that NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the Washington Post, Yahoo, Dayna Devon and Patti Stanger are accomplices to the Sensa scam rip-off. Everyone needs to be held responsible.

  • I contacted Sensa by using the telephone number on my credit card statement. The number I have is 866-256-2429. I got no results using the phone number included in the shipment. Best bet is to use the 866-256-2429. Also the address is printed on the shipment box, but no where else did I find an address inside the shipment. The address I have is: Sensa 28546 Livingston Ave., Valencia, CA 91355.

    I was surprised “Monica” answered the line fairly quickly. I explained that I did not like the automatic enrollment, and of course she tried to talk me into another means of payment and also to keep the trial pack for $49.00. I told her no, no, no, and I apologized for any inconvenience I may have caused,but please just provide me with the RMA number in which she did. Please write this number on the outside of the returned merchandise and send back within the 7 days you receive this RMA number (hopefully you can get this number as quickly as I did from “Monica”)…..the kicker is that you may as well send it Priority Mail (with a tracking number as Monica suggested) because it is only about a dollar higher than just sending it regular parcel (which may or may not get back to Sensa in the required 7 days as written) so this trial kit that I signed up for actually cost me $7.95 plus the priority shipping with tracking fee of $8.80 totaling $16.75 and a huge, huge, headache! To play it safe, I felt like I needed to close my credit card account and altogether I feel this was just a huge, huge mistake. I think I will just get off my butt more and start walking and being more conscious of what I put in my mouth because this has taught me a huge lesson. With identity theft and scams on the increase, just realize that everytime you look for the easy way to do things there is a price to pay. MY ADVICE IS TO JUST NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT AND GET OUT AND WALK FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR HEART. I HOPE THIS HELPS THOSE WHO ARE CONTEMPLATING ORDERING THIS PRODUCT.

  • I have contactd and filed reports of this “free trial” scam to my bank, US Postal Mail fraud division, the BBB, the AZ Attorney’s Office, and the FTC. I will not take this laying down. Tomorrow I call the local TV station who will run the scam story. I will put this company out of business!

  • i order sensa 9 days ago without reading the reviews. I actually just found out I am pregnant and dont wont to take it anymore. I still havent received the package can I already call to get the RMA number so when I do recieve the package I can send it right back. Do you know if I will still get billed teh 89. Please help I dont want to end up canceling my card.

  • Im glad that I came here first before ordering the “free trial”! From what I have heard, this sounds like a familiar Enzyte/Berkley scam. I will never be able to understand how these people can sleep at night knowing that they are ripping their customers off. Pure greed I guess…Thank you for saving me the trouble!

  • katrina addison says:

    Sensa is a scam. I ordered a trial box of it. It didnt work the way i thought it would and I sent it back. They charged me 89.95 ro my account and they refuse to refund me saying they never got the product back and are refusing to talk to me about it. Im about to pursue legal action. DO NOT USE SENSA THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT LET THEM HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.!!!!!

  • Please DO NOT ORDER SENSA. It is a biling SCAM ! They a auto-bill you for 89.95 two months later.

    Here is their trick, it will appear on your credit card as a charge 1 month before they actually deliver the product !!!! That way they get around the FCC rule that says a product must be delivered within 30 days or the customer can get a credit card refund. THEY ARE PREYING ON PEOPLE THAT MAY HAVE OVERLOOK THE CHARGE ON THEIR CREDIT CARD.
    So sneaky.
    Another point, they have the BBB (Better Business Bureau) logo on their website, BUT THEY ARE NOT MEMBERS OF THE BBB !!!!
    Nasty, low life scammers……………do not buy SENSA

  • Bought this crap on Amazon. It gave me stomach pains and a roaring headache each time I took it. Tried to return for a refund and the seller refused and actually threatened me. Avoid Sensa and ANYONE who is selling it!

  • I am on the month 4 program. I did lose 5 pounds but I gain it all back. It doesn’t work. I used the shaker all the time. It is not strong enough to make you lose weight and stay off of it. The month four program shakers smell like a rotten dead animal or a smelly feet. You poor that on your food and offcourse the food smells so bad that you can eat it and get hungry few hours later. I am back to square one. Will trash the shaker and will go see a nutritionist. Enough of these snake oil stuff not approved by teh FDA…

  • I wish I had this information before I got sucked in! I cancelled and they still sent me 2 more months and billed my card 89.95!!! I just cancelled again!! And It is becoming a difficult task to return what they just sent me. unopened product! Worse is that I tried it for almost 2 months and I GAINED weight!! It’s a rip off for sure!!!

  • Excellent and thorough analysis of this ridiculous product. Besides, who wants to pull out sensa in public and sprinkle it on your big fat cheeseburger so everyone can think, “why bother!” Wait! That must be it, weight loss through peer pressure and embarrassment, that must be the psychological testing part of the clinical trials. The monkey in the box kept shocking himself in psychological experiments, but that doesnt make it right.

  • Total scam. So much for not reading the fine print. I received 60 days worth of their non-working product. I was charged $96.92 on my credit card. I called to get it removed and they all but told me to take a hike and refused to refund the amount. My credit card company is working on it to see if they can do anything. BEWARE!!!!

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