Moyoberry scam

Have you heard about the Moyoberry diet? It’s a new weight loss system and at first glance it looks very professional.

Lets talk about this website and the new Moyoberry diet.

1. Their Research: They say that the university of Yaounde, Africa found weight-loss associated with their Moyoberries. I have searched everywhere and I can’t find anything published. If this study was actually conducted, there are no specifics anywhere. We can’t determine anything about it, was bias introduced, was this a double blind study or was something important left out?

Also, Moyoberries come from Cameroon, Africa, I can’t help but wonder if  the university in Yaounde, Africa will benefit from a greater sale of fruit? That sounds like bias to me.

They also claim on their website that “The Journal of Lipids and Health and Disease” studied the Moyoberry. If they did I can’t find it. Try yourself, go to and do a search for the word ‘moyoberry.’ Nothing… how odd.

2. Their website: When you get to their website you will notice that it is covered in media symbols like CNN, People Magazine, ABC News, etc… Notice in small print that it says, “as seen on.” Most likely they bought a few cheap ads on these big media portals to appear credible.  Don’t associate the reliability and name recognition of these big companies with Moyoberry, they are not related, it’s just advertising.

3. Ratings: It says they are rated the #1 diet of 2010. That’s great, but who rated them? The rating is according to  Who is  I did a WHOIS internet background search on them and found that was registered on 05-Jan-2010 to a private, non-disclosed registrant. Wow, they are a brand new and private entity. You can see the whois report here:

You can also see that they have no web history at all,*/DIETRATINGS.ORG/*

This is a bad sign.

4. Their sales: Go to the moyoberry’s sales page and prepare yourself. $111 for 4 containers of Moyoberry, $37 for one. And I’m pretty sure the containers look bigger online. I can’t find a quantity or weight anywhere, its just a guessing game for them. Plus they say below each item: In Stock. Current Sell-Out Risk: HIGH

Current sell-out risk: high! Give me a break, this is serious marketing magic. They want to put the pressure on you, to get a quick buy. But don’t do it. Take the money and apply it somewhere else.

Should you try Moyoberries? No, this is not a long term solution to weight loss. I highly doubt this system will work, but even if it does help, you don’t want to be stuck on their costly product for the rest of your life. Try something different, make life changes that work.

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  • Thanks for the link “J”. It appears that there is an existing study on the Cissus quadrangularis/Irvingia gabonensis plants. I’ll do some research on this and report back soon, if you have any opinion please post.

  • This comment is posted with permission from Anssi M. who originally posted it on the actual clinical study. I found this quite interesting and thought it would be of some worth to share.

    Anssi Manninen (07 May 2008)

    The lead author of this study has a patent on Cissus quadrangularis as a fat loss agent. A competing interest exists when professional judgement concerning a primary interest may be influenced by a secondary interest (e.g., financial gain). While there is nothing inherently unethical about a competing interest, they should be acknowledged and openly stated.

    Anssi Manninen
    Manninen Nutraceuticals Oy
    Oulu, Finland

  • I just looked into Anssi’s comment, there is a possible conflict of interest.

    At the bottom of their research study they have this message.

    “The LNNB is grateful to Gateway Health Alliances Inc. (Fairfield, California, USA) for preparing and supplying the Cissus quadrangularis and Irvingia gabonensis extracts. We are also grateful to Eugenia Scharf for reviewing the manuscript.”

    Now go do a U.S. patent search on Cissus quadrangularis: (link below)
    U.S. Patent search results

    You will find that the patent is owned by

    Inventors: Oben; Julius Enyong (Horsham, GB)
    Assignee: Gateway Health Alliances, Inc. (Fairfield, CA)

    Guess what, Oben; Julius Enyong is the person that conducted this study. And Gateway Health Alliances provided the plant extract. You can see it here

    Hmmm… the person that did the study would benefit most from this product working…

  • Thanks for sharing this information – it sounded too good to be true….and we all know what happens when something sounds too good to be true! ;o)

    Thanks again!
    Mary H.

  • THanks for all this info – this is certainly essential information for anyone seeking to loose weight. I totally agree with the advice of J – a weight loss plan needs to involve lifestyle changes which will have lasting benefitail effects. Popping a wonder pill really isn’t an answer. Thanks again
    C McD

  • I have been using Moyoberry for not even a month and have already lost 10 pounds. I don’t know about you but it is workin for me.

    • Hey Brittany,

      I would be curious to know if you are doing anything else besides using the Moyoberry supplements? Thanks in advance.


  • I’ve tried this for 1 month and NO RESULTS. Don’t buy this product. Feel free to contact me with any question concerning this product. Marlon

  • Louise Burnes says:

    Hopefully, I did not waste my money in trying to help my 19 year disabled grandson lose weight. His medication has increased his weight.Will let you know.

  • nina martin says:

    I may be jumping to conclusions here but… number 3 on the diet list is “organic ethiopian coffee” go into it and it turns out it is MOYOJAVA, is it just coincedence MOYO berry MOYO java.

    can’t help thinking of the old adidge, if it seems to be too good…..

  • it does not matter if the inventer makes $$, dos it work..i read the article 52 humans had a
    26% rate reduction over the placebo(50).
    hey!! i want to elimate this product to..but one
    lady brittany says she lost 10 lbs in one month!! marion says did not work he only trie for 1 month..its a 10 week plan(i think)…WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR…”you people taking the product…let us here from you!!! and people dont be shy..give us a good sampling of users!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow, that’s almost $111 just to feel a little less bloated. Thanks for posting this article and comment. I’m going to avoid this product now.

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