AllDaySlim Diet Scam

There is a new internet diet craze, this one is called AllDaySlim.

Assam fruit found in AllDaySlim diet pills

After careful review of the diet product and research I will now present my results.

Website: Their website is professional looking, they have lots of pretty graphics, logos and colors. They have neat charts and lead one to believe they have a great deal of scientific information. They show lots of pictures of extremely skinny women.

Their testimonial videos are from active, health-conscious people; people that obviously understand exercise and weight loss.They use lots of strong, hype-filled wording on their site. Their sales writing is very well done and it is designed to influence you.

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Watch out for Empty Snacks

Watch out for empty snacksSnacks can be a big source of daily calories. But if you make sure they are good snacks choices you will feel fuller and healthier. Instead of picking up processed snacks like chips or candies, try food choices such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurts, or whole grain snack bars. These are nutrient rich foods so you will be getting essential nutrients while snacking. Also, these are snacks that will create a feeling of fullness and help discourage unneeded eating. Watch out for foods that are high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fats.

If you want more help picking out the best food choice check out

The Water Diet

Here is an easy weight loss tip. Start drinking more water. Drinking more water will replace sugary drinks and reduce your daily calorie consumption.

Water and sugar-free beverages don’t lead to weight gain and can play an important part in healthy weight loss.

Try bringing a water bottle with you where ever you go. Keep one at work, take one in the car, or carry one around with you in your backpack. This is a small change that can make a big difference.

5 Secrets to Stop Cavities

Want to have better dental health? Here are a few life style suggestions that might make visiting the dentist a little more pleasant. Also, most of them will help with natural weight loss.

  • Space eating to at least 2 hours apart. This decreases acid time on the teeth.
  • Reduce frequency of consumption of foods containing fermentable carbohydrates. This includes foods like cookies and cakes.
  • Enjoy foods that help prevent cavities like low-fat milk, fruits, and vegetables.
  • If you chew gum, be sure to chew a sugar free gum. Gums with xylitol actually help prevent cavities.
  • Drink water to satisfy your thirst instead of sugary sodas or sweetened coffee.

These are some techniques to help improve your teeth, but they will certainly help with natural weight loss too. Remember, Stop Dieting and Live is about healthy life style changes that last. No crazy diets or fads, just small improvements for lifelong benefit.