Watch out for Empty Snacks

Watch out for empty snacksSnacks can be a big source of daily calories. But if you make sure they are good snacks choices you will feel fuller and healthier. Instead of picking up processed snacks like chips or candies, try food choices such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurts, or whole grain snack bars. These are nutrient rich foods so you will be getting essential nutrients while snacking. Also, these are snacks that will create a feeling of fullness and help discourage unneeded eating. Watch out for foods that are high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fats.

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The New McDonald’s Diet

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Chris Coleson, from Virginia, lost 80 pounds eating primarily at McDonalds.

It was a funny story. Chris Coleson said on MSNBC news that he was able to lose the weight by eating every light item on the menu. He focused on the fruits, the wraps, and the veggies entries. He kept his calories low with these foods.

This crazy diet proves that the human body can lose weight on almost anything. You don’t have to eat special-diets or fad acai berries. You just have to keep caloric intake below caloric expenditure. Having a structured plan will certainly help with this goal. That is why I suggest life-style changes.

I wouldn’t recommended this diet because it lacks variety and doesn’t have any long-term potential. However, it was fun to hear about the man that lost weight with McDonalds.

You can watch his video here:

Baseball park will sell a 4,800-calorie burgers

4800 Calorie Burger
4800 Calorie Burger

I just saw an article about a baseball park in Michigan. I was surprised to see that they are planning on selling  a new 4,800 calorie burger.

If you don’t know. The average calorie need for a young, active male is 3000. A woman’s needs are usual around 2000. 2000-3000 is the number of calories guys and girls need per day.

This baseball parks burger is more than all the food we need in an entire day! And people wonder why Americans are becoming obese.